1200 V IGBT Devices on 3rd Gen Ultra-Field Stop Technology

ON Semiconductor announced the release of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) based on its Ultra Field Stop Trench technology. The NGTB40N120FL3WG, NGTB25N120FL3WG and NGTB40N120L3WG provides 1200 V for a variety of switching applications. They are intended to provide high operational performance in total switching loss (Ets) characteristics and low on-state voltage. This feature can be used to a highly activated field-stop and optimized co-pack diode.

The NGTB40N120FL3WG provides an output current of 40 A with a VCEsat of 1.7 V, an Ets of 2.7 millijoules (mJ), and a turn-off switching loss of 1.1 mJ. Its operating junction temperature ranges from -55 ºC to 175 ºC. This device offer soft fast reverse recovery diode, optimized for high speed switching and it is lead-free. The NGTB40N120FL3WG is ideally suitable for solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and welding.

The NGTB25N120FL3WG delivers a 25 A output current at 1.7 V VCEsat, an Ets of 1.7 mJ, and a turn-off switching loss of 0.7 mJ. The device operates at a wide junction temperature ranging from -55 ºC to 175 ºC. It features soft fast recovery diode, high speed switching, and lead-free device. The NGTB25N120FL3WG is applicable for solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and welding.

The NGTB40N120L3WG offers 40 A rated current and has low VCEsat of 1.55 V. This device is designed for low conduction losses. Its total switching loss rated at 3 mJ with a turn-off switching loss of 1.5 mJ. The operating junction temperature of the device ranges from -55 ºC to 175 ºC. The NGTB40N120L3WG is lead free and provides soft fast recovery diode. It is specially designed for applications such as motor drive inverter, industrial switching, and welding.

Asif Jakwani, Senior Director and General Manager for ON Semiconductor’s Power Discrete Division, said, ““Our new Ultra field Stop IGBTs along with optimized fast recovery diodes we manage to hit the sweet spot that perfectly balances VCEsat and Ets, thereby resulting in reduced switching losses, and enhanced power efficiency in hard switching applications, across a broad range of switching frequencies. At the same time it still offers the robust operation and cost effectiveness that engineers expect from IGBTs.”

These new IGBTs are available with unit prices of $2.02, $1.76, and $2.12 in 10,000 unit quantities. Go to On Semiconductor’s page at www.onsemi.com  to learn more about the products.

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